Initial steps

How to commission a stained glass window

Firstly we will discuss what design you are looking for whether it is contemporary, traditional, dramatic or subtle, a copy of an existing window or a design or your own. You may want to choose designs inspired by Macintosh, Mondrian,Art Nouveau, - the choice it yours. Your choice may be determined by the period and the presentation of the property, the light and orientation of the windows and the location of the window in the house. We will come up with a design together that suits you and your house.

Design Process and development

From the ideas discussed we will draw up a pattern which may be reviewed and improved before the design is finalised.

Choice of colour and types of glass

Once the design itself is finished we will then choose the colours, effects, tones, shades and textures of glass that you want to use. We can advise on what types of glass are appropriate for period windows and how the colours compliment and combine to produce the best effect.